We are the 325th FG composed of 3 fighter squadrons the 317th, 318th, and the 319th. We are a new Allied Fighter Group for the flight simulator IL2 series.  Once the new Battle for Bodenplatte is available we will be opening our sqaudrons up for pilots to join our ranks.  The 317th will be for our P-47's and the 318th and the 319th will be for our P-51D's.  Each squadron will have their own skins that will be historically recreated for the planes.

325th FG The Checkertail Clan

This is a disclaimer: This site is in no way affilated to the real men and wowen of the 325th FG of WWII era.  We are just a small group of flight simulator pilots that enjoy the IL2 game series and love the 325th FG Chaeckertails planes colors.  We thank all of the real people that were brave enough to place their lives on the line to give us our freedom. Thank you all....

Every pilot that joins will have to go through a check ride with one of the flight ready officers just to make sure that the new pilots are comfortable in the cockpit of the P-51 and the P-47. Please take your time to look through our website and if you want to learn to be a good team mate and a better pilot then please join our sqaudron. We have not made any perticular night or time for training. Once we have enough pilots in our ranks then we will decide as a group which time and day will be best for our pilots to train and fly together. We are here first to have fun and second to learn to fly together as a team. You will find our sqaudron to be a fun and a relaxed environment. If your new to the game or and experienced ace. Please feel free to join our Fighter group!

325th Big Band Music

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